W najbliższych dniach niektóre funkcje naszej strony mogą nie działać w pełni z powodu planowanych prac serwisowych.

A series of meetings with Alex and John in the form of interactive mini-shows in English.

Seria spotkań z Alexem i Johnem w formie interaktywnych mini spektakli w języku angielskim.

„Dear friends,
We’d love to meet you all. Invite us to your schools, we’d be happy to show you who we are and what we do”. Alex

Who we are:


26, from California
‘A word of advice’ that’s what he has to offer. If you have a question, need help….well, just give him a ring or drop a line. He’ll be there for you: ready, objective and supportive. Alex is a bit old-fashioned or frankly speaking, out-of-date. He does iron his pajamas! A real gentleman.


24, from California
Friends call him “Mr-no-stress” and it shows perfectly well what type of man he really is.
“People call me to talk about life, have some fun in the evening. I love changes and new faces around me.” John
His motto is ‘keep smiling and go on’ and it makes him a discoverer and philosopher in one. What a mix!


Get to know us a bit better.

Episode 1

John is new in the city. He needs some advice from Alex and from you too 🙂 There is also a mystery to be solved. Help John and Alex understand what happened with the lost luggage.